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Dennis Smith was born in Salt Lake City in 1942, and raised in Alpine, Utah. His education includes a B. A. and a year of post-graduate study at Brigham Young University. He studied privately at the Royal Danish Academy at Copenhagen, and took a six-ninth study tour of Spain. He returned to Utah in 1968 and established a studio in his fathers old chicken-coop. From 1968 to the present, Dennis Smith has been a self-employed sculptor and a part-time instructor in the Art Department of Brigham Young University. Respect and reverence for the American family, from pioneer days to the present, pervade the themes of Dennis Smith's sculpture. His poignant interpretations of mothers and children in their most natural and characteristic attitudes, have gained this sculptor national recognition and an international following. His works are on permanent public display in fifteen states, as well as several American embassies.


Dennis Smith's affection for his subject matter is evident in his execution of the work. His ability to imbue warmth and life into metal gives his pieces particular appeal, and these pieces have the ability to enchant the viewer. His children, in particular, exhibit a lightness and freedom, fluidity and motion, as though they are poised on the edge of liberation and integration with the environment and the world. Smith says, "We all search for our proper balance between risk and security, adventure,

fulfillment and contentment." Smith's figures have achieved that balance.


ZANTMAN ART GALLERIES is proud to present the work of this talented sculptor.

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