Wilson Chu


About the Artists:

Chinese Painter



 Wilson Chu was born in China, in 1946. From a young age, he showed a natural ability to paint and at fifteen, he apprenticed under Professor Wong Shaw Ming, a well known artist in the Guang Zhou Academy of Art. In 1977, Wilson Chu immigrated to Canada where he continued to paint in his free time. A very successful exhibition in Vancouver in 1985 resulted in Wilson painting full time.

 Wilson paints landscapes and portraits, but gardens and flowers are his favorite subjects. His depictions of flowers are infused with a rich, textural quality of light that very few painters are able to achieve. Chu maintains a keen sense of observation combined with a well developed talent for painting that merits him continuous and well deserved praise. He has a natural feeling for the many vibrant colors of flowers. “Light is the pulse of my paintings. It is that light which makes the whole picture vivid, creating a sunshine atmosphere so the viewer may feel pleasure.”

 Because of Chu’s belief that real beauty always originates from pureness, the subject matter of his paintings usually comes from natural scenes, be they flowers in a garden or children on a beach.

 ZANTMAN ART GALLERIES is pleased to present the work of this luminous artist.