Vigyazo Vila



Vigyazo Vila (Hungarian)

Since 1945 in Budapest, he has been painting since his childhood. His early pictures were inspired by the less known French schools. He later discovered his main style by Brueghel and other German painters.

His first exhibition was in 1971. In 1987 he was introduced into London where his paintings were noticed by many.  His pictures were decorating the walls of French Institutes all over France. His paintings take on a very distinctive style.

From the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, sailing ships have continued to inspire many painters, the largest in some obscure, whose main purpose seemed to be maintaining a tradition of quality. Vila VIGYAZO moves straight into the Mediterranean Orientalism when the wave is calm and the sky bright, with a real elegance of composition and a masterful harmony of colors. His paintings steeped in emotion and charm describe a quiet harbor life, ships under full sail, sun-kissed waves, and peaceful days.