If a client is unable to make a trip to our gallery and view a painting in person, we are more than happy to ship the painting to you "On Approval" to view in your home before making a commitment. Once received, we ask that you make a decision within 24hrs. In the event that a purchase is not made, we ask that you simply place it back into the box and return it to the gallery. We only ask that you pay for the return shipping expense incurred back to the gallery. We would also provide you with a gallery credit of the shipping charge toward your next purchase.


What many clients have done is what is called a "Home Show". This is where we can come out to those client's homes who live near our gallery with a few selected paintings and we will place the artworks in various places to see how it feels for you. If you don't live near the gallery, then we can arrange for the paintings to be shipped out "On Approval" as mentioned above.


The reason Zantman's has been in business for almost 60 years is because of the world class artists that we carry as well as providing top notch service to our clients. All sales are final, however Zantman's guarantee is that you can exchange your painting for up to one year after purchase. One exchange per client is allowed. Limitations do apply. Paintings showing signs of wear or damage will not be exchanged. We will apply an exchange value for the same amount you already spent on a painting towards another painting from our gallery. We do not allow discounts on the new painting, full retail price will be applied. Any shipping costs associated are the responsibility of the client. *Note, paintings that were done custom order as a commission and those purchased during a special promotion sale do not apply and are not eligible for exchange. Additionally any painting priced over $20,000 are not eligible for exchange.*