Robert Richert


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American Artist


Robert A. Richert

  The beauty of nature provides inspiration for artist Robert A. Richert.  He grew up in Southern California at a time when open space was abundant.  Many childhood days were spent exploring and enjoying nature.  Today, he still maintains an insatiable curiosity about the natural world, and he has always loved art.

In 1969-70, he served as an infantryman with the U.S. Army in Vietnam and was awarded an Army Commendation Medal with a "V" Device for valor.  After military service, Robert attended California State University, Long Beach, and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree.  Majoring in Scientific Illustration, he learned how to apply the knowledge and discipline of science to the creation of art.

Mr. Richert has pursued art full-time since 1980.  For most of his early career, he specialized in wildlife subjects and later began to devote more time to his passion for scenic beauty.  Today, Robert specializes in landscapes and seascapes.  Always, he seeks to create dramatic paintings that rise above the generic.  People say that his paintings are inviting; they transport them into a beautiful place where they feel joy and tranquility.

 “Although plein air painting (painting outdoors) is popular among many landscape artists, I prefer to work in the studio.  I enjoy hiking, exploring or just observing nature over sitting at an easel in the outdoors.  I seldom interpret a scene literally; instead, I prefer to orchestrate strong compositions using elements from my photographs for reference.  I seek to capture the feeling or essence of a scene, not to duplicate exactly what I see.   The majority of landscape and seascape artists paint in oils, but I prefer acrylics.  I’ve spent more than twenty-five years learning to master this water-based medium.  The acrylic paint is applied in a succession of thin layers, almost like sketching with a brush.  This method affords me more flexibility than slow drying mediums allow.  I continuously refine and edit as I work through a painting, altering the shape of an ocean wave here or a cloud there, moving a rock, or even a mountain!  This technique allows me superb control over color, value (light and dark), texture, and composition.  My paintings are full of rich detail and I seek to convey the intricate textures and subtle nuances that abound in nature.  I find beauty in these small details and bringing them to life with strokes of a brush is a joyful experience.  

 “In the end, I work toward honing every element of my paintings to near perfection”.