Richard Murray



Richard Murray

 Utah native, Richard Murray spent years finding his niche in the art world. At the age of 20 Murray knew he wanted to paint but after enrolling at The University of Utah during the Vietnam era he was discouraged by professors who felt his interest in close-up landscapes and figures to be irrelevant.

Murray eventually joined the National Guard to avoid the draft and later dropped out of college to pursue his studio art. It wasn't until 20 years later that Murray decided that he really wanted to paint animals. 

Murray's animal portraits are nearly life-size done in oil on panel. His backgrounds are simple blankets of color and he even paints the simple wooden frame to match so that nothing but the animal stands out to the viewer.

Although Murray uses a camera to capture his subject he does spend time researching animals at petting zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. He has even traveled to India to witness a camel fair.