About the Artists:

Italian Artist


Pilini is an Italian Contemporary Realist. His works evoke a strong sense of the rich landscape and lush quality of coastal Italy. His choice of subjects ranges from seascapes to coastal landscapes and charming country scenes. His colors and inspired brushwork possess a tasteful and refined sensibility that is distinctly Italian.

Piero Pugnalini (art name Pilini) was born in Rome, Italy on September 30th, 1948. He studied art in Accademia delle belle Arti of Roma. He has numerous exhibitions in his homeland, including: Taormina (Sicily), Spoleto (Umbria), S. Margherita (Liguria), via Margutta (Roma).

Currently Pilini lives, creates, and exhibits in his native Rome.

ZANTMAN ART GALLERIES is pleased to present the work of this talented artist.