Patrick Rousseau

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Patrick  Rousseau Le Quartier St Paul
Le Quartier St Paul
Oil on Canvas
48 x 48 in
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Patrick  Rousseau Ce Bleu Que Je Prfre
Ce Bleu Que Je Préfère
Oil on Canvas
20 x 20 in
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Patrick  Rousseau Dimanche  Paris
Dimanche à Paris
Oil on Canvas
40 x 40 in
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Patrick  Rousseau

Patrick Rousseau

Patrick Rousseau Biography


Patrick grew up in Poitou-Charentes France, and has had a passion for drawing since his early childhood.  He studied at the Fine Arts School in Angoulême France where he learned different techniques, and he focused on painting which particularly appealed to him.

An avid traveler, he began touring his native region and the Atlantic coast. Then he lived for some time in the heart of the mountains of Argentina.  There he learned to understand people, their customs, their inner worlds and found that despite cultural differences the same desires drive all people.  He then visited Prague, Florence, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, and of course Paris, where he now lives.  Each city gave him inspiration for his paintings.

Patrick has sketches he made from his many travels.  He paints his sketches and enriches the colors with a palette knife.  He always works in oils with a palette of pastel shades.  Recently, he dared using reds and blues, while still maintaining a whimsical atmosphere.
Oil paint is the only constant in his work.  He never ceases to research subjects; everything around him is there to inspire and be painted.  The city is life, and Patrick integrates the characters who inhabit it into his work.  They often represent the artist himself, but also strangers and common citizens which the artist allows to escape to happier worlds.

Patrick paints and cannot imagine his life without color and movement.  He is his own character on the canvas, and he watches every movement.  Painting and music are daily passions of the artist.  The city is an essential universe for the artist.  He tries to guess the secrets and stories behind every window.  Through painting images on canvas, Patrick offers to share a moment of escapism.

Zantman Art Galleries is proud to present the work of this talented artist.

Patrick Rousseau Description

One of our top selling artists.  Truly uniqe French artist who's paintings are based on a combination of classic Impressionism mixed with a contemporary flare.

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