Nancy Bowman


About the Artists:

American Sculpture




Through dramatic gesture, Nancy Stewart Bowman attempts to capture the fleeting emotions of a moment in time.

“I have been influenced by Rodin’s impressionist approach, the elongated figures of Giacometti and was further influenced by some of the African sculpture I observed on a trip to Kenya and Tanzania several years ago.  I am fascinated by line in art and nature and also have a love of color.  I satisfy my color need with photography and other forms of art, believing that all art is related and that the study of one form leads to a better understanding of all art.”

Recently Ms. Bowman had the opportunity to spend two years in England.  She was able to take art classes during her stay as well as have an exhibition in Germany.  She found the beauty of southern England to be truly inspiring.

Nancy Bowman, a graduated of the University of California at Los Angeles, has studied with Bruno Lucchesi in Scotsdale, Arizona, Michael Linstrom, and Marianne de Hatten Groh.  She has completed additional course works at the UC Santa Cruz and West Valley College.

ZANTMAN ART GALLERIES is proud to present the work of this talented artist.