Joan Puerto

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Joan  Puerto Sunset Glow
Sunset Glow
Oil on Canvas
21 x 26 in
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Joan  Puerto Beautiful Blue
Beautiful Blue
Oil on Canvas
21 x 25.5 in
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Joan  Puerto

Joan Puerto

Joan Puerto Biography

Joan Puerto was born in 1968 in Santander, Spain. He grew up close to the sea and used to spend many hours on the beach, sitting on the rocks, watching the sea. As he grew up he began to painting in water colours, this stated his life long love of art and ultimately led to his decision to become an artist.

He began his art studies in Madrid, where he spent time in the Museums, studying the techniques and composition of the Old Masters. Part way through his course Puerto went to Paris to extend his studies and learn further styles, in particular he was influences by the rich collections of impressionism.

Toward the end of his time in Paris, Puerto began to focus his attention on seascapes. His professors were highly impressed with the delicate light of his sunsets and wonderful nuances of color in his waves.

Puerto feels in many ways his seascapes are like self portraits, a landscape of the soul. Powerful and tender at the same time.  A return to his roots, transforming the menaced sea into a new harmony and life.


Joan Puerto Description

Spanish Painter

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