Guy Choi


About the Artists:

Landscape Painter


(Korean, b. 1964)

Choi Giseung, also known as Guy Choi says "I enjoy people, animals and the beauty of our Earth, so naturally this is what I love to paint. I work at my paintings until I can feel them move me, and find that it is the simple things that inspire me the most."

Choi Giseung was born on November 12, 1964 in Kunsan, Korea. Giseung graduated from Kunsan University, with a major in oil painting. Although he grew up in the city, he spent all his time exploring the countryside. He has a unique style, utilizing every brush stoke to induce contrasting illumination. His painting are enchanting and using rich colors.

Giseung has dedicated the last fifteen years to the portrayal of nature. His ability to present his subjects in the purest sense has made him one of the most revered landscape artists in Korea. Giseung painted landscape exclusively and traveled throughout France, Spain, the United States and his own country researching his subjects. Giseung's painting is clearly distinguished by his use of heavy palette knives and heavy texture. His use of vibrant colors, mixed with strong color contrasts, draws much attention to his subjects. His contemporary landscapes and modern street scenes are eye-catching and are gaining popularity.

Giseung held a Solo Exhibition in 1999 at the In-Decor Gallery, Seoul, Korea. In 2000, he earned the grand prize from the Korean Art Competition at Seoul Arts Center. In 2001, he earned high recognition from national and international art critics from Korean Artist Society Competition at Art Galleria. Currently his artwork is displayed in many private collections in Korea, Malaysia, France and the United States.

Giseung moved to China in 2008 to support his daughter to study in local universtiy. He now lives in Shanghai, China to continue with his painting studies and participating in exhibitions all over the country.