Gerhard Nesvadba

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Gerhard  Nesvadba Vineyard In The Fall
Vineyard In The Fall
Oil on Canvas
27 x 31 in
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Gerhard  Nesvadba

Gerhard Nesvadba

Gerhard Nesvadba Biography

Nesvadba's brilliant debut exhibition in Austria at age 27 was followed by a remarkable string of European exhibitions in his 30s. Extensive traveling throughout Europe gave Nesvadba his love for landscapes, and his immediate, extraordinary success in the Impressionist style was rewarded by a lifetime commitment to the genre. Gerhard Nesvadba belongs to the small cadre of genuinely skilled artists who have an innate command of the foundations of composition, color, and light. Traditional in approach yet extremely personal in application, Nesvadba's rural landscapes and cottage scenes are effused with tranquil sunlight and his love of his work is evident in every piece.

Having made a name for himself as a celebrated landscape artist, Gerhard Nesvadba's work is highly sought after throughout Europe and the United States. Son of one of the most successful painters and father to another, destined to be one of the most collected artists of recent times, Gerhard Nesvadba was born near Darmstadt in war-torn West Germany in 1941. Two years later, his parents moved to Austria

Apart from his father's encouragement, the few details of Nesvdba's early life and training include a high school teacher who recognized the talent in the young man who was constantly drawing and painting.

ZANTMAN ART GALLERIES is proud to present an outstanding selection of this gifted artist's work.

Gerhard Nesvadba Description

German Landscape Painter

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