About the Artists:

One of our top selling artist.  Esteban specializes in oil on board abstract paintings inspired by the ocean, landscapes, and the desert.  He paints an amazing range of beautiful colors and size options.  One of the most versatile artists we have ever carried over our 60 yrs as a gallery.


Esteban’s creative abstract paintings have the power to move, inspire, and transport us.   The beauty of landscapes, the ocean, desert, colorful skies, mountains, and life experiences are sources of inspiration for his paintings.  Esteban loves abstract painting as it allows his un-tethered imagination and freedom of expression to form his paintings.

Esteban is intrigued by the endless combinations of color, texture, and movement he can create within his paintings.  Each painting is multi-layered and display immense depth as the artist applies approximately fifteen to twenty layers of paint. 

As home design and interior décor are now transiting from traditional to contemporary design, Esteban’s painting are the perfect fit.  Clients appreciate how his paintings freshen up and give new life to an older home and truly elevate a remodeled home.  For newly constructed modern homes with sleek designs of glass and stone, his paintings are ideal as his vivid colors give warmth and emotion to the home.  

Clients are drawn to his painting’s ability to bring the outdoors into their home through his abstract cobalt blue oceans, golden setting suns, gray toned hazy sky’s, or earth toned orange desert landscapes.

When asked why he chose to paint abstract art Esteban replied, “To me, an abstract painting is a way to make your imagination run wild.”  His paintings express strong emotion, depth, and dreamy layers of color that come to life.  Esteban’s keen eye for texture, color, gesture, and composition sets his work apart from others.

His stunning abstracts are composed out of oil on board with wood box frames.  Each board is custom made by the artist.  Esteban feels there doesn’t have to be one correct way to hang his art and he encourages the viewer to try hanging the painting from different sides in order to personalize the painting to fit their personal preference.

Esteban was born in a small town located in the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico.  He came to the U.S. as a small boy and now lives in California with his wife and two children.

Esteban’s works are sought after and have been acquired by collectors all over the world including the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. 

Zantman Art Galleries is proud to represent this talented artist.