Claudio DaFirenze


About the Artists:

Italian Painter


Claudio da Firenze was born in Florence, where he attended the Fine Art School of Florence. The son of a skillful and renowned painter and lithographer, Claudio followed his father’s footsteps , making his paintings and his art the love of his life. At the age of twenty-one, Claudio moved to Vienna and spent much time in the countryside of Elba, a land rich in themes for painting. Here he succeeded in translating the warm colors of nature onto his canvas.

In 1969 Claudio was invited to go to England and live in Sheffield to paint the surrounding countryside. Here he painted extensively and returned to Italy with a large portfolio. In 1970, Claudio exhibited his paintings in a gallery in Florence, where his work completely sold out. He received a glowing review from the famed art critic Mario Borgiotti. The following year, his next art show also sold out, with accolades from critic Piero Caprile.

Born in Florence, Livornan in spirit, Claudio has the temperament of both of these canters of Tuscany. His works spring from a cultural heritage in which romantic sensory stimuli predominate. His paintings reflect a spontaneous harmony which takes place between theme, color and light. Claudio’s subject range is extensive: from wide, sunny landscapes to intense still-lifes; quietly luminous seascapes to portraits; from floral studies to genre paintings. He uses color skillfully and the very construction of is paintings bear testament to the sure instincts and skill of Claudio da Firenze.