Carolyn Meyer

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Carolyn  Meyer Downtown SF
Downtown SF
Oil on Canvas
60 x 36 in
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Carolyn  Meyer

Carolyn Meyer

Carolyn Meyer Biography

Carolyn Meyer

 For every artist there is a growth cycle of mastery and discovery. Instinct, passion, education, long hours in the studio coupled with a quest for a new way to describe the world in which we live can lead to a specific focus, perhaps even an obsession. With Carolyn Meyer, this is evident in the extensive progression of her work that bridges the gap between realism and abstraction. Her paintings directly refer to her visual relationship with urban landscape specifically San Francisco, New York and the fields of Italy or Napa. The surfaces reveal a surplus of barely controlled oil paint that somehow represents places we know. Her direct relationship with these places infused with her passion for Jazz music is the source behind what drives her to create work. This is the world she lives in, is inspired by and continues to thrive.

 Carolyn has a MFA in painting from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Here, too, she is Director of the School of Painting for both undergraduate and graduate programs. She teaches classes in abstract and landscape painting exclusively and teaches during summer in Florence, Italy. Her work is in many collections worldwide.

 Solo Exhibitions

 2015    ArtHaus, San Francisco-New York (Non Stop), San Francisco

2014    Atilier Gallery, SF+NYC, San Francisco

            Hang Gallery, Optimum Propensity, San Francisco

2013    ArtHaus, Metropolis, Oct-Dec, San Francisco

            Hang Gallery, Speed Up, Slow Down, May

2012    ArtHaus, Italy, May- July

            Hang Gallery, New Work, May

2011    ArtHaus, Tale of Two Cities, San Francisco

Hang Gallery, New Work, San Francisco

2010    Wendt Gallery, New York City, Laguna Beach

Arthaus-Bank of America, Summer in Italy, San Francisco

2009    ArtHaus, Black and White, April-June, San Francisco

            Hang Gallery, Time Lapse, San Francisco

            Millinium Towers, Icons of Design, SanFrancisco

            TransAmerica, Tales of Two Cities, San Francisco

2008    ArtHaus, City Lights, April-June, San Francisco

2008    Hang Gallery, Syncopated Cakewalk, June, San Francisco

2007-9 Bank of America Plaza, Tales of Two Cities, December-March, San Francisco

2006    ArtHaus, Destinations, Jan-April, San Francisco

            Hang Gallery, Overdrive, March, San Francisco

            William Lester Gallery, New Work, November, Point Reyes Station, CA

            San Francisco Decorator Showcase (courtesy of ArtHaus)

2004   William Lester Gallery, Point Reyes Station, CA

2003   Hang Gallery, Variable High Cloudiness, San Francisco

2002   Hang Gallery, Palo Alto, CA, July

   Bank of Marin, Ignacio, CA

Carolyn Meyer Description

American Abstract Artist

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