Audrey Lynne Cook


About the Artists:

Local Carmel Artist


I've been influenced by many artists over the years and--of course, by my own life experiences.
Initially my focus was surrealism; It was compatible with my alternate way of viewing life as though in a dream world. I liked the shifting realities of Escher and the weird sensuality of Bellmer drawings. I've also been drawn to the simplicity of art deco in Sandoz sculpture and the decorative style of Klimpt; the painstaking buildup of color and light in Parrish, and the immediate honesty in light and color of the impressionists.

I received a BA from UCSC, and have taken many continuing education courses since, but my primary education has come from outside the classroom.
My long time work relationship and friendship with Eyvind Earle changed my life as I experienced his graphic style and his spiritual approach to success. He was an important Disney artist during the 50's (Sleeping Beauty) and was called the Father of designed Realism--experiencing huge success during his life. I was involved in silk-screening his art, travelling and setting up and dismantling shows, helping set up and run a gallery--and many other aspects of the art business, while continuing to create my own art; often exhibiting with Eyvind, in his shows and the galleries that represented him.

My College professor and friend Jack Zajac with his sensual waterfalls, and his bound goat sculpture, has been an important mentor for me.
I grew up with creative parents and a father whose spiritually artistic and brilliant nature showed me success is not always monetary.

My long time partner, Mark Bava, has forever altered my perception of life and art--through his artistic sensibilities, his kindness, his dry wit, his enjoyment of life and his friendship.
I have travelled extensively and that has opened my eyes to different cultures, people and ways of life and art.