Martin Burguillo

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Martin  Burguillo Metropolitan II
Metropolitan II
Oil on Canvas
32 x 32 in
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Martin  Burguillo If You Eat A Lemon
If You Eat A Lemon
Oil on Canvas
24 x 59 in
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Martin  Burguillo Travel Companions
Travel Companions
Oil on Canvas
39 x 67 in
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Martin  Burguillo

Martin Burguillo

Martin Burguillo Biography

Born in 1955 Madrid, Spain 

The paintings of Spain’s Martín Burguillo are influenced by the expansive world of advertising and provide a modern interpretation of POP art. Burguillo creates a series of work with a very visual language in which the main protagonists are simple objects of consumption- department store bags (which we see every day without paying much attention), cups, books, bottles and other objects that are part of our daily lives. He successfully manages to create harmonious works full of color which convey the joy of living, yet also remind us that everything is consumable, and that the packaging sometimes becomes the main protagonist of our lives. 

Artist Statement 

I have been professionally dedicated to painting since 2002. I have always created in a figurative space. Since 2004 my painting adopted a clear realistic component, inspired largely by the Pop art movement, and is very influenced by the advertising world. My latest works reflect a critical and sometimes ironic vision of the wild consumerism that surrounds us. 




1977: Graduates in Drawing speciality in Escuela de Artes y Oficios in Madrid. 


1988-1988: Litography course in Brita Prinz Gallery in Madrid. 


1990-1991: Painting course in Estudio Soto Mesa in Madrid. 


Professional Experience 


1993-2003: Drawing and painting teacher in Centro Cultural García Lorca in Madrid. 

Since 1988 he has carried out several individual exhibitions of his work in different cities around 

Spain, (Madrid, Cáceres, Valencia, Oviedo, Santiago de Compostela, Barcelona, Marbella, 

Pamplona y Zamora) as well as in internationally in China, South Korea, Holland, Mexico, France 

and United States. 

He has also participated in numerous collective exhibitions and has been participated with 

distinction in renowned national painting contests such as, “Certámenes nacionales plásticos 

Ciudad de Alcorcón”, “Premios de pintura Ciudad de Alcalá”, “Certamen de pintura de la 

UNED”, “Premios Mujer y Sociedad de Madrid.” 

Recently he has participated in international art exhibitions like Kiaf 2015 Seoul, Affordable Art 

fair 2014 in Hong Kong, Affordable Art Fair 2013 in Mexico, Seoul Open Art Fair 2012 in Seoul, 

Art Madrid 2011, Daegu Art Fair 2011 in Daegu, Art Taipei 2010 in Taiwan, Kiaf 2009 in Seoul, 

Miart 2008 in Milan, Bridge Art Fair 2008 in New York, Art Madrid 2007 in Madrid and Bridge 

Art Fair 2007 in London. 


He has been awarded numerous drawing and painting prizes, such as Drawing Prize Ciudad de 


Getafe and the National Drawing “Antonio del Rincón” from Guadalajara. 

Institutions such as the Provincial Government of Guadalajara, the City Hall in Getafe, the Bank 

of Extremadura in Cáceres, City Hall in Oviedo and the COIIAR in Logroño have some of his 

work, along with several galleries and private collectors from Spain, France, Holland, Italy, 

Germany, Mexico, United States and South Korea. 

Select Solo Exhibitions 

2016 Galería Ormolú. Pamplona, Spain 


2018 Galería Jorge Alcolea. Madrid, Spain 


Galería Ángel. Almeida, Portugal 


Espacio 36. Zamora, Spain 


2015 Galería Ángel Almeida, Portugal 


Espacio 36. Zamora, Spain 


2013 Galería Ormolú. Pamplona, Spain 


Pop Rhythm. Leo Gallery. Shanghai, China 


2011 Chung Art Gallery. Seoul, South Korea 


Galería Triart. Vigo, Spain 


2010 Chung Art Gallery. Seoul, South Korea 


Galería Jorge Alcolea. Madrid, Spain 


2008 Galería Fernando Alcolea. Barcelona, Spain 


2007 Galería Jorge Alcolea. Madrid, Spain 


Punzmann Gallery. Marbella, Spain 


2006 Palacio de Congresos Príncipe Felipe. Oviedo, Spain 


“Otras Naturalezas”. Galería JVG Espacio. 


Santiago de Compostela, Spain 


2005 Sala de Cultura José Ma López de Baro COIIAR). 


Logroño, Spain 


American Prints. Aeropuerto El Prat. Barcelona, Spain 


2004 Galería Catarsis. Madrid, Spain 


Galería American Prints. Valencia, Spain 


Galería Fernando Alcolea. Barcelona, Spain 

2003 Librería MUGA. Madrid, Spain 

2000 Galería Catarsis. Madrid, Spain
1996 Sala de exposiciones Caja de Extremadura. Cáceres, Spain 

Martin Burguillo Description

Spanish Artist

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