About the Artists:




Aleksandra was born in Kiev, Ukraine where she obtained her fine art diploma.
After meeting Michael Rozenvain, an established artist who later became her life partner
and husband, they immigrate to Toronto, Canada, which they have called home since
Aleksandra’s artwork recreates the magical experience of strolling through her
favourite cities and landscapes around the world. She fills her paintings with romance at
every turn. Collectors around the world recognize her iconic scenes of vibrantly dressed
couples strolling together, holding hands, and sharing an umbrella on a rainy day. The
contrast between the gloomy rainy weather with the love and energy of the colourful
umbrellas, creates a magical atmosphere of romantic ambiance. In her landscapes,
Aleksandra captures the most powerful and intensely coloured creations of nature. Her
passion for the outdoors is channelled through the expressive colours of her reflective
lakes, luminous skies and endless mountain ranges. 
Aleksandra’s inspiration is a combination between pointillism and impressionism.
Building on and modernizing the movement of pointillism, Aleksandra uses geometrical
shapes; squares, rectangles, and lines in different shapes, forms, and sizes to depict her
favourite scenes. Her technique consists of applying the paint in a very structured and
geometric fashion. Taking traditional subject matters such as street scenes and
landscapes, and giving them a new, vibrant spirit. Her colour composition is rich, yet
subdued, enabling the maturity of this contemporary artist to shine through. Using vibrant
colors in her romantic street scenes and breathtaking landscapes, Aleksandra’s mission is
to bring love and life into people’s homes.